Monday, January 30, 2012

Post 4

A picture of the river next to the
university after a day of classes
Nothing too exciting happened this week, but it was a good week nonetheless!  Syllabus week (the first week of classes) is now over and I have homework every night.  I am reading books in Spanish for two different classes right now.  While the books are not overly difficult, I must say that I miss being able to read books of my choice on my Kindle in english, or as some students in my program have begun to say, American.  Oh well...this just serves as extra motivation to finish the required books ASAP!

On Wednesday, I went to the Museo de Bellas Artes, a fine arts museum located in the heart of Bilbao.  The museum does not charge admission on Wednesdays, so I toured the museum for free.  The museum made up for all of the disappointment I felt after going through the Guggenheim.  There were beautiful paintings of all different styles throughout the entire museum.  Like the Guggenheim, there were a couple of pieces that really made me question how the artists ever gained any respect or even received the privilege of being called an artist.  If the whole being a Spanish teacher thing doesn't work out maybe I'll just take a square shaped black sheet made of silk and hang it on the wall and call it art too.  This piece already existed in the museum so I might have to do it in a different color just to be original.  The amazing part about the silk sheet art piece is that the ends were fringed and not in what I would deem to be an artsy way either.
El Museo de Bellas Artes

Spain is changing me and not for the better in terms of my bank account.  In the U.S., I absolutely positively do not like shopping.  Shopping is something that I know I need to and should do but will not do until my loving mother tells me that I have to.  I also normally shop only with my mom.  Spain has transformed me into someone else.  I find myself shopping several times each week here.  Needless to say, my wardrobe might look a little different when I return to the U.S.

To counteract all of the clothes shopping I have done I went on a little airfare shopping spree last Thursday and Friday.  Unfortunately, this does not translate into me saving money.  At least I will be seeing parts of the world that I might never have the opportunity to return to again.  Plus, I'm young.  Aren't I supposed to be doing things like this?

A bridge that I saw on my walk in Bilbao
I went on a walk yesterday because I needed some time to myself to just relax.  I explored my neighborhood which was long overdue.  I still can't believe how beautiful it is here.  I know the locals must think I'm crazy for taking so many pictures here.  I was told before I left the U.S. that I should attempt to blend in as much as possible and not look like a tourist.  This probably means keeping picture taking to a minimum.  Be honest though.  I have light skin, light hair, and hazel eyes.  I'm not fooling anyone into thinking that I'm a Spaniard.  I do find it amusing though when people realize that I can actually speak and understand Spanish.  Instead of being able to make fun of me for being American, they are usually the ones that end up blushing.  I like to think of it as instant karma.

I'm still getting used to some aspects of the culture here.  Staring is done quite frequently and for rather long amounts of time.  Even when you catch people staring at you, they do not seem to feel any need to stop.  They might even start whistling at you.

Until next time... ¡Adios!


  1. Thanks for the update Booke. Sounds like someplace I'd like to visit. Of course, Japan comes first. Megan and her family will be returning there in May. Continue to enjoy and to share! Caron

  2. Hi Brooke! I love your blog!!!